Freudenberg invented the Simmering® radial shaft seal in 1929. The comprehensive CORTECO OE-Quality range includes more than 7000 gasket references and over 6500 different oil and valve stem seals.


The common characteristic of our CORTECO products is the use of materials which are designed and manufactured in-house at Freudenberg. With over 1700 material mixtures at hand, we are able to provide the technical solution that best suits each individual application.



Static sealing

- Cylinder head gasket

- Cover gasket

- Manifold gasket

- Sump gasket

- Oil drain washer

- Oil drain plug

- Silicone sealing paste


-Gasket kits (head set, conversion set,
full set)

-Cylinder head bolt kits

-Oil drain plug and washer kits
-Transmission sealing kits

Dynamic sealing

Oil seal (Simmering®):



-High pressure pumps

-Auxiliary shaft




-Valve stem seal kits

-Oil seal kits for timing belt
-Oil seal kits for clutch

-Oil seal kits for transmission